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How do you know if you need your balustrade checked?

  1. If there are any visible signs of rust on the balustrade and/or fixings (E.g. rusted bolts or rivets) and/or
  2. If the balustrades are over 10 years old - there was little or no certification of balustrades until recently so some may constitute a risk.
  3. If you have no balustrade maintenance regime in place - after recent accidents councils are insisting testing and maintenance regimes be put in place

Many bodies corporate & owners corporations have achieved peace of mind before events where balconies and balustrades get a lot of use. Examples of where our services have been used:-

  1. Before parties
  2. Before festivals and events - like Sydney Harbour New Year's Eve Fireworks, Brisbane's Skyfire, the Gold Coast Indy or Sydney's Mardi Gras
  3. Where balconies have views of fireworks and are used a viewing platforms - like Sydney's New Year's fireworks display

Why a Solutions In Engineering balustrade test is the only guaranteed test?

  1. This is not a superficial visual inspection, this service includes a proper structural performance test using our exclusive patented machine and system
  2. Your test includes load testing of the structural performance of the posts and rails by our own patented machine. Pre 2002, balustrades can be tested by applying a load of 0.9 kilo Newton (kN). Loads are applied as per Clause 4.7.1 (a), Australian Standard AS1170 Part 1 - SAA Loading Code.
  3. We will test railings by applying the prescribed pressures in an outward and downward direction.
  4. Also a proper assessment of the geometry of the balustrade in terms of the Building Code of Australia including height and railing width requirements.

Your report also includes: -

Fact Sheets

Qld Balustrade Testing (299 kB)